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We offer a wide range of inspection and Testing consultancy and services. Including on-site testing, document creation and document approval, consultancy, witnessing. The full range of services we offer can be found here. Services we offer

We provide quick response as per client requirements. And report shall be provided within 24 hours after the inspection completed.

As long as there is no further work required, we can normally complete document approval with a lead time of just a few hours.

No, at the moment we do not run any training courses.

NDT stands for Nondestructive Testing. NDT offers the ability to verify the integrity of a part without damaging or destroying it. Since the early 1900’s, NDT has become one of the leading technologies for a wide variety of areas, ranging from quality control of products to preventive maintenance of in-service parts.

As this is the matter of urgency, We make sure to give you a reply as soon as possible.

Through inspection, technicians can identify problems at and below the surface of materials, piping and other structural components that keep an infrastructure going. Inspecting structures, piping and materials for discontinuities allows you to locate and remediate issues early, taking a proactive approach to fabrication, quality assurance/quality control, field service, repair, and structure strengthening. There are a number of inspection techniques that NDT technicians use, including visual inspection, magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing, and liquid penetrant testing.

Realistically provide the best possible inspections with the current strength of existing equipment and personnel. Equip a system of policies which are periodically reviewed to ensure the ability of all groups to perform their work effectively.

Inspectors Union is working relentlessly for its clients therefore we are available 24x7 without any boundaries and limitations.

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We will develop our people through training, reward performance and create a working environment in which our people are challenged, motivated, satisfied and accountable for their work

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