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Plant Inspections

Plant Inspections

We have a vast number of technicians in the company trained by our special in -house training team. All our technicians are highly experienced and have knowledge in various method of testing and inspection.

“Industrial plant inspection ” refers to the inspection or integrity department in oil, gas, chemical or other industrial plants, which is responsible for carrying out the inspection in an operating unit.

Plant inspection is an interesting and diverse role at IU INSPECTION. As a plant inspector, we will act as the primary interface between inspection and an integrity engineering team to manage and report on the status of all in-progress inspection, integrity and corrosion monitoring activities at a plant

Plant piping inspection

Piping is the vehicle that moves these liquids and gasses through a refinery or chemical processing plant.

IU has been testing every processing facility/factories that have a product to get from point A to point B. Generally Segments of pipe are often joined together using either bolted flanges or by welding pipes together.

Plant equipment inspection

The purpose of our equipment inspection is to identify whether work equipment can be operated, adjusted and maintained safely, with any deterioration.

However, our inspection is necessary for any equipment where significant risks to health and safety may arise from incorrect installation, reinstallation, deterioration or any other circumstances.

Corrosion monitoring services

Plants are subject to high rates of corrosion due to harsh operating and environmental conditions and corrosive chemicals.

Our Corrosion Monitoring Services provides long-term operational solutions that protect the tubular air heater from erosion, corrosion, and fly ash fouling. Corrosion can even lead to structural failure or loss of containment in plant.

Risk based inspection

Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) is a process that requires qualitative or quantitative assessment of the probability of failure and the consequence of failure in process unit.

IU INSPECTION’S properly-implemented risk based inspection program categorizes individual pieces of equipment by their risks and prioritizes inspection efforts based on this categorization.

Fitness for services evaluation as per api-579

Fitness for service assessment are quantitative engineering evaluations.

IU INSPECTION evaluations are performed to demonstrate the structural integrity of an in-service component that may contain any damage. FFS assessments are currently recognized by codes such as API – 579 at our organization.

CUI evaluation

CUI is an independent software tool used for prediction and assessment of corrosion under the insulation and the fireproofing.

Our engineers, architects, inspection team can easily assess and quantify the risk ratings of the components or systems anytime and from anywhere. CUI evaluates the extra corrosion, chloride stress and application for stainless steels and alloys.

Identify corrosion loops and developing inspection test plan for plant piping

Corrosion loop(s) are systematized analysis of “loops” used during Risk-based inspection analysis.

And IU INSPECTION’s test plan is intended to be used as a guide to control all work steps in term of and inspection on piping fabrication at workshop and piping installation at Company site location.

Turnaround inspections

Our Turnaround inspection service is to ensure that all repair and scope work is and was completed in accordance with the client’s requirements.

IU INSPECTION’S Tracking of turnaround inspection activities is often done with wall charts, on which every event, occurrence, and inspection is tracked. Turnarounds are also responsible for massive portions of a facility’s inspection.

Vendor inspections

Complex supply chains need to be managed in a way that minimizes risk, reduces cost and delay, improves safety and quality.

IU INSPECTION provides a complete solution, covering every aspect of supply chain management. Our global network of competent, qualified experts is strategically located to serve the world’s major industrial suppliers, and supported by offices worldwide.


Thermography is used to measure small temperature differences to help find deterioration in assets and plant sites.

Our early detection of problems using thermography can help in preventing unscheduled outages; improve the productivity of plant equipment and assets, increase safety and guide corrective action.

Metallography services (Replica Test)

Metallography is a knowledge-based NDT technique which can provide the early warnings of onset of many damages to the process and engineering industries.

IU INSPECTION provide the judgment to replace or repair the damage mechanism like creep, fatigue, stress relaxation cracking, high temperature corrosion including hydrogen attack, intergranular corrosion, stress cracking, hydrogen induced cracking,etc.

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