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Lifting Equipment Inspection

Lifting Inspections

Inspectors Union performs detailed inspection in the visual and operational aspects in which every lifting equipment is thoroughly inspected to ensure that they are fully functional for lifting operations.

Lifting Equipment Inspection

Lifting equipment indicate all lifting accessories and appliances that is used for lifting or lowering loads and includes its attachments used for anchoring, fixing or supporting it. Our inspectors consist with all parts of LEEA certification. In order to verify that lifting equipment and accessories remain safe for use, and to detect and remedy any deterioration in good time.


Lifting Equipment Inspection include
• visual examination
• functional test & Load Test
• Dimensional Verification & wear measurement
• NDT (non-destructive testing)

We deliver a systematic and detailed examination of the equipment and safety-critical parts, carried out at specified intervals by a competent person complying OEM & international standards practice like ASME, ANSI, BS, API, SAUDI ARAMCO GI’s and ARAMCO SWIM Matrix requirements.

Lifting Accessory (rigging equipment / lifting gear / lifting tackle)

The lifting accessory, or accessory for lifting, is an item used to attach the load to the lifting appliance. Such equipment is also known as ‘rigging equipment’, ‘lifting gear’ or ‘lifting tackle’. It includes shackle, sling, masterlink, turnbuckle, swivel, spreader beam and many more.

Lifting Appliance (Lifting Device)

A lifting appliance is any machine which is able to raise, lower or suspend a load but excluding machines incorporating a guided load (i.e. lifts) and continuous mechanical handling devices (i.e. conveyors). Examples of lifting appliances are Mobile cranes, forklift, BOP hoists, super Sack hoist, overhead crane jacks, etc.

Container and its Lifting set

We provide Inspections service that help minimizing the risk of defective item by ensuring they meet customer standards and industry & government regulations. Our multi-disciplinary inspectors can helps to protect your business interests, manage your risk and ensure product quality.
Container are Portable unit like Freight container, service container, and waste skips for repeated use in transport of goods or equipment used in offshore or onshore
We offer:
• Inspection and recertification of Containers/Baskets
• visual, NDT (MPI), Coating Thickness, Spark testing, leak test, Load testing etc of container/basket
• Inspection of lifting set

Freight Container

Freight container built for the transport of goods that include General cargo container, Cargo basket, Tank container, Bulk container, Special container, Boxes, gas cylinder racks etc.

Service Container

Container built and equipped for special service task, usually as a temporary installation like laboratories, workshops, stores, power plants, control station etc.


Waste skip

Open or closed container used for the storage and removal of waste.

Oil& Gas Drilling RIG

Inspectors union Co. deals with inspection and integrity services in reducing failures and increase asset life. We conduction CAT-III and CAT-IV NDT inspection services for drilling and Work-over Rig Structures, Hoisting equipment, Drilling equipment and Handling tools etc. as specified in accordance to Manufacturer, API & SA-SWIM Requirements.

CAT –III inspection comprise category ii inspection plus further inspection, which include NDT of critical areas and may involve some disassembly to access specific components and to identify wear that exceeds the manufacturer’s allowable tolerance.

CAT –IV inspection comprise category iii inspection plus further inspection for which the equipment is disassembled to the extent necessary to conduct NDT of all primary load carrying components as defined by manufacturer.


API RP 8B (Recommended Practice For Procedures For Inspections, Maintenance, Repair And Remanufacture Of Hoisting Equipment)
a. Crown blocks sheaves and bearings.
b. Traveling blocks.
c. Block-to-hook adapters.
d. Connectors and link adapters.
e. Drilling hooks.
f. Elevator links.
g. Casing, tubing, and drill pipe elevators.
h. Sucker rod elevators.
i. Rotary swivel bail adapters.
j. Rotary swivels.
k. Spiders, when capable of being used as elevators.
l. Deadline tie-downs.

API RP 7L (Procedures For Inspection, Maintenance, Repair And Remanufacture Of Drilling Equipment)
a. Rotary table
b. Rotary bushing
c. Rotary slips
d. Rotary hoses
e. Drawworks components
f. Manual tongs
g. Power tong
h. Safety clamp

API RP 4G (Operation, Inspection, Maintenance And Repair Of Drilling And Well Servicing Structures)
a. Mast/Derricks and accessories
b. Sub structures and accessories

API SPEC. 16A (Specification For Drill-Through Equipment)
a. Ram Blowout Preventers;
b. Ram Blocks
c. Drilling Spools
d. Loose Connections

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